What is Estate Jewelry?
Estate jewelry does not just refer to jewelry that has come from an estate, but includes wonderful pieces that have been previously owned. It's a highly fashionable and covetable look – a huge fashion trend on the runways as designers, looking for something new, hark back to the past for inspiration. Retail stores are awash with vintage and vintage-look fashion and accessories.
Shopping for fine estate jewelry is fun and exciting. It's great to chance upon gorgeous, vintage items from the past – just like exploring through your grandmother's jewelry box.
Kiersten's Jewelry has a unique display of estate pieces available for you to purchase.
How did the idea emerge?
The idea of wearing vintage pieces developed in the late 1960s. The fashion revolution at that time paved the way for individuality when 'unique' and 'cool' became the buzzwords. Through time our tastes in accessories has always been varied, and styles from different eras more widely accepted. We've embraced this trend by scouring retro boutiques, and vintage jewelry has become the new buzz word and the perfect accessory.
Are estates an investment?
Currently, jewelry, particularly diamond engagement rings, from the Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco periods are quite rare and highly sought after. It could command thousands of dollars depending upon the history of its previous ownership. Allowing for minor wear in the piece is necessary and can often be reflected in its initial look with bruises or blemishes that we call characteristics or memories. Wear your vintage piece and enjoy the hours of conversation and stories it may bring. Just as with any heirloom from your own families estate keep it clean and in good condition and it too may increase in value.
Estate Jewelry as well as new jewelry should be cleaned often, please stop in for a courtesy cleaning at your convenience.
Care of Estate
Part of estate jewelry's charm is in its previous ownership and history. This is often reflected in minor wear. But look after your vintage piece, just like any other heirloom, keep it in good condition and it will grow in value with time. The best part about estate jewelry is that you get to wear your investment and enjoy it too!
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